With us, your production and post-production are in good hands.

Scorproduction GmbH is a Zurich-based Film- und TV production company.

Since its foundation in 2001, we have realised and been involved in hundreds of productions of TV adverts, company portraits, documentaries and films.

Our core competences and service include:

•      support during the initial phase

•      preproduction and technical logistics

•      budget planning and administration

•      organisation camera technology and crew (operators, assistants, lighting technicians, machine operators, sound operators)

•      screenplay decoupage and film planning

•      film shooting (directors, camera crew, steadycam, octocopter)

•      editing (Avid Symphony and Adobe Premiere), cross-linked editing suites equipped with the latest technology and software

•      in-house camera systems (Cinegrell): Arri (Alexa, Amira), Sony FS7/XDCAM, Canon c300/5D M-III

•      many years experience in 16/35/65 mm films

•      teleciné/in-house grading (Cinegrell)

Our Network:

•      directors and film makers

•      cinematographers (from DoP’s to capcakes)

•      editors/cutters

•      colour graders

•      sound studios

•      composers

•      make-up artists

•      lighting equipment and camera dolly rental services as well as studios.

Our clients:

•      Lindt & Sprüngli

•      Zurich Insurance

•      ABB, Zurich

•      Constantin Entertainment

•      Viewfinderfilms

•      3+

•      SRF

•      Habegger

•      Panam-Film

Cinema films:

•      Vollenden, Susanne Eigenheer (2015)

•      A Hologram for the King, Tom Tykwer (2015)

•      Umbrellas for the Holy Cities, SL Rasch GmbH, Mehdi Miliani Benhadj (2014)

•      Ueli Maurers Pommes-Frites-Automat – Ein Mann, eine Maschine, eine Mission, Stephan Hille (2013)

•      Four Horsemen, Motherlode, Ross Ashcroft (2011)

•      Der böse Onkel, NordWestFilm,Urs Odermatt (2011)

•      The Way to 007, SRF, Fritz Muri (2009)

•      Sennentuntschi, Kontraproduction/Constantin Film, Michael Steiner (2008)

•      Warten auf die Zukunft, Robin Burgauer, Leonidas Bieri (2006)

•      Tibet – zwischen Museum und Moderne, Fu Zhibin, Aladin Hasic (2004)


Scorproduction GmbH    Film & Videoproductions    Saatlenstrasse 261    CH-8050 Zürich